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Original Brass Penny Door Lock



A complete and lightly refurbished penny door lock by Lockerbie & Wilkinson of Tipton, this one probably dates from around the 1930's. These were usually on toilet doors in train stations and the like. Unusually its complete and in working condition with its original sliding bolt, rod that operates the Vacant & Engaged sign and keep as well as its original handle (the keep is a reproduction).

It does work with penny's but we've set it so it doesn't need one to operate the slide bolt so it can used as a regular door lock, it can be set back by taking it apart and moving one of the arms but we don't have any of the keys. Its supposed to be set on the outside of the door, the exterior sliding bolt doesn't operate the Vacant/Engaged sign unless its set back to work on the penny's but the interior slide bolt does operate the Vacant/Engaged sign. You don't have to use this mechanism as the rod unscrews so it can just be a regular slide bolt. 

All the brass has been cleaned and through a multi stage polishing process, easily polished when it starts to tarnish. 

Any questions please ask.


Overall pretty good for something that's been in commercial use, the main case has quite a few surface scratches as does the bolt and some of the lettering has worn away. The Vacant/Engaged is a bit worn and when fitted the rod for the sign has to be dead straight. The interior handle is more of a Rose colour than the rest. We've added some ply plates with slots to the back for easier fitting.


Finish: Original brass
Main case size: 342mm x 115mm (15.5in x 4.5in)
Spindle centre to edge of door: 90mm (3.5in)
Weight: 5kg
Fits doors : 50mm (2in) max can be cut to approx 30mm
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws (not shown)

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